Treatments and Pathways

Treatments and Pathways

March 26, 2021 2023-06-26 14:57

The specialized staff at Thermarium &SPA, will take you on a wellness journey dedicated to facial and body care. Let us advise you on the most appropriate treatment and immerse yourself in ultimate relaxation.

Face - Body Massage

The face is the part that most highlights stress and fatigue….

"gua-sha" facial massage

The Gua-Sha facial technique based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, stimulates lymphatic drainage and circulation, relieves facial muscle tension, and reduces puffiness and dark circles with immediately visible results, giving the face a healthy, glowing complexion!
50€ /25 minutes

Massage "Shiatsu face and head"

Contributes to complete relaxation of the whole person. Excellent at the level of subtle energies! (Gentle and extremely relaxing technique. Relieves headaches and nasal congestion. The result is the disappearance of localized tension and the face looks better).
80€ / 50 minutes)

"Zonal" massage

Ideal for treating and providing relief to a specific area of the body: available for both back and legs.
50€ / 25 minutes

"Aroma Relaxation" Massage

An energy recovery that has something magical about it! Intense massage, on face and body with aromatic oils. Through various techniques it restores tone and vigor. Body and mind enter a state of relaxation, dissolving accumulated anxieties and tensions, to regain new harmony.
80€ / 50 minutes

"Circulatory" massage

Circulatory massage is practiced to stimulate and help precisely the circulatory system. It aids the cellular life cycle and the process of oxygenation of the organs, eliminating the waste accumulated in the tissues of the lymphatic system. The purpose, therefore, is to regenerate and increase the blood that is in circulation.

70€ / 50 minutes

"Decontracting" massage

Decontracting massage works deep on connective and muscular tissues, with the specific purpose of releasing contractures and tension.

70€ / 50 minutes

"Linfo Massage"

Wellness for the body…caresses for the soul! Slow and gentle massage, particularly useful for lymphatic drainage. Its action promotes oxygenation of tissues and cells

75€ / 50 minutes

Ayurvedic massage "Abyangam"

This is a true ritual to relax Body and Mind! Fragrant incense, music with Mantras and essential oils accompany this wonderful moment of relaxation to ease anxieties and tensions.

90€ / 50 minutes

Candle Massage

Candle massage is a special type of massage performed through specific candles composed of vegetable oils and butters capable of deeply moisturizing and nourishing the skin but also deeply relaxing the body and mind.

85€ / 50 minutes

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

The purpose of Lomi Lomi massage is not simply to achieve physical well-being, but also to achieve well-being and harmony with oneself and one’s surroundings.

90€ / 50 minuti

Californian Massage

Sometimes also referred to by the names psychosomatic massage or psychic massage, California massage aims to bring the body into contact with the mind in such a way as to achieve the well-being of the entire organism, thus the individual.

90€ / 50 minutes

Plantar reflexology

Ancient foot massage technique that intervenes with acupressure on very specific points in order to restore “an energetic harmony” of the whole person.

30€ / 30 minutes

Rituals and Treatments

Let us advise you on the most appropriate treatment and immerse yourself in ultimate relaxation.

Pure Hydration facial - Hydration is the essence of beauty

Intense program that activates hydration with a triple action: it reactivates the skin’s natural regeneration process, fights skin aging and restores the skin’s water balance, giving it a more youthful and radiant appearance.
70€ /50 minuti

Noesis viso – Il Cockatil di vitamine che rigenera la tua pelle

Noesis facial – The Vitamin Cockatil that regenerates your skin

Bee Venom Facial Treatment

Bee venom is indicated for healing wounds on the skin caused by pimples and acne. This innovative product also has an antioxidant action that stimulates the production of anti-aging enzymes and slows both skin aging and the appearance of wrinkles.

90€ /50 minutes

Body Scrub

A true remise-en forme session with relaxing and detoxifying action! Pleasant body treatment, exfoliating with aromatherapeutic action that renews, smoothes and perfumes the skin.

45€ /25 minutes

Exfoliating back treatment

Ideal treatment for cleansing and purifying the skin, great for eliminating fatigue and releasing accumulated tension.

45€ /25 minutes

Ritual on the shores of the Dead Sea

Remineralizing – Relaxing – Detoxifying Body Treatment.

An aromatherapy-acting body scrub that renews, smooths and scents the skin is ideal for the best start to any Wellness Ritual. This will be followed by a Dead Sea Mud Wrap indicated not only to treat blemishes of cellulite, fat and atony, but also for contracted joints, rheumatic pains, etc… The Ritual will end with a pleasant relaxing massage. A true rebirth!

90€ /90 minutes

a philosophy of well-being

If you are looking for your heart place stop, you have just found it.

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